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About Course

This course mainly comprises on the emerging technology of the Internet of Things (IoT) and how it can be learned effectively in the form of industrial training programmes. In this course, students get to learn IoT from the beginner level. This training module, as a course, incorporates the student’s knowledge and learning to solve real-life industrial IoT problems. This course covers all the pre-requisites such as knowledge on microcontrollers, communication protocols, web servers, sensors and their applications.



What Will You Learn?

  • This Course covers Full Home Automation using IoT (Internet of Things).

Course Content

Chapter 1- Introduction to Automation

  • 1. Introduction to Automation
  • 2. Hard Real-time Automation
  • 3. Soft Real Time Automation
  • 4. What is IoT
  • 5. What are Sensors
  • 6. What are Actuators
  • 7. What is an embedded Systems 8. IoT Applications 9. Home Automation- A needed Application of IoT

Chapter 2: Understanding IoT From the Basics

Chapter 3: Sensors and Its Applications

Chapter 4: Applications of the System

Chapter 5: The Embedded Exoskeleton

Chapter 6: Executing a real Time Project- Automate Your Home

Chapter 7: Do and Don’ts While Making an IoT System